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Most of us often think of acupuncture when we think about Chinese medicine, but the fact is, herbal medicine is as important or even more important in Chinese medicine. The idea behind herbal medicine is that each herb has a number of different effects on the body through the organ or organs it affects, its actions, and its innate temperature.

Foods have the same healing properties as herbs although some foods affect the body even stronger and in fact are considered both herbs and foods. They include:

Chinese dates

They are known to tonify the Spleen organ system. The signs and symptoms of Spleen weakness include lack of energy, poor appetite, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Chinese dates can be added to dishes such as salads or eaten alone and can be purchased in health food stores can Asian markets.


A powerful food/herb that has parasite-killing qualities, garlic can be to treat symptoms such as dysentery and diarrhea. It can also help with food poisoning or toxicity and as a preventative measure against flu.


These are moving (dispersing) and warming foods. When boiled with ginger, scallions are commonly used to relieve the early stages of a cold. Before going to bed, drink the broth. This will help you to perspire mildly a mild sweat, which can disperse a cold before it worsens.


Besides used as flavoring, one of the most common uses of herbs is to relieve abdominal pain and discomfort. Ginger is known as an extremely warm herb that can be served as broth in broth combined with scallions in order to combat the early stages of the common cold.

Goji berries

Goji berries have been recently discovered to promote longevity and health. Goji berries are also called Chinese Wolfberries. They have sour and sweet taste and can be added to raisins or eaten alone. Goji berries are used by Chinese herbal practitioners to treat declining eyesight and blurred vision associated with aging. Besides being good for longevity, consuming Goji berries can also strengthen the Kidney organ system, which is also related to aging.


Cinnamon has an energy-moving and warm quality. It can be used to treat colds that come with plenty of pains and aches.

Mung beans

They can help relieve a condition known as Summerheat, a nauseous feeling you get when the weather’s really sticky and hot. The mung beans are boiled till they become soft and then drink the water they were cooked in. If you’d rather take it as soup, just add some vegetable and a little broth.


Watermelon is a sweet delicious fruit that is a treat to eat on a humid and hot day. It has moistening and cooling qualities and Chinese medicine practitioners sometimes use it to treat Summerheat.


Lately, walnuts have been getting raves as a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. But the thing is Chinese food therapy and herbal medicine also use it to treat constipation and emolliate the intestines. Walnuts can also prolong longevity and as they deemed to help tonify the Kidney organ system.

Hawthorne fruit

Hawthorne fruit can be bought as Hawflakes which is a type of sour candy or as a supplement in Asian markets. It is used to treat indigestion, which in Chinese medicine is known as food stagnation.

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One of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s most widely used therapies is cupping. It involves the local suctioning of the skin through the use of mechanical devices (electrical pumps or hands) or heat (fire). Cupping is a method that’s deemed to help cure insomnia, relieve joint and muscle pain, enhance blood circulation, and extract toxins.

Besides his remarkable achievements, star American swimmer, Michael Phelps, caught everybody’s attention at the Rio Olympic Games for the dark purplish circle marks on his back and shoulders. Those were the telltale signs of cupping therapy, which he underwent to help soothe his muscles prior to entering the competition.

In the Western world, the Ebers Papyrus, written around 1550 B.C., is considered to be one of the oldest medical textbooks in the world. In this document, the Egyptians described how they used cupping to address various common medical problems and how people living in the Sahara desert also used it. Around 400 B.C., the famous Greek physician, Hippocrates, used cupping to resolve structural problems and internal diseases.

During the Jin Dynasty, a southern official named Ge Hong was believed to be the first Chinese to ever use cupping. He was interested in techniques of longevity, herbalism, and alchemy. Ge Hong was the person who popularized the saying, “Cupping and acupuncture resolves more than half of sicknesses.” After hundreds of years, cupping eventually found its way throughout Europe and Asia. In Turkey in 1465, a surgeon named Serefeddin Sabuncuoglu advocated this modality which he called “mihceme.”

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in Maitland, who perform the dry cupping procedure, apply specialized cups on the skin to generate suction between the skin and cup. They use either an air pump or heat to achieve this. The suction creates a vacuum on the skin of the patient that breaks up stagnant lymph and blood that in turn, boosts the flow of energy (qi). This procedure is utilized on the shoulders, back, and back neck muscles. After the cups are removed, skin markings are likely to appear. They are due to the breaking of the capillaries located under the skin.

This method is now widely used by high caliber athletes proving that it is an extremely effective therapy. Other famous personalities who use cupping include Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Pavel Sankovich and Alex Naddour.

In China, cupping therapy is called “ba guan.” Since the 1950’s the United States, cupping therapy was already quite popular. But it did not really become as popular as acupuncture. But Phelps and co. have thrust it into the limelight and has made this healing method more popular than ever. Cupping was mentioned by the British writer George Orwell in his essay “How the Poor Die,” in which he was surprised seeing it practiced in a Paris hospital.

According to the International Cupping Therapy Association, there has been a major rise in the sales of cupping equipment following the Phelps incident. A video in which Phelps himself appeared in, promoted cupping therapy for a certain sponsor. The video advertised silicone cups that can prevent bruising from the after effects of traditional cupping.

Cupping is believed to treat all sorts of medical conditions. It can be used to address skin disorders such as acne and eczema, gynecological problems, rheumatic diseases, and blood disorders, among others. People who received cupping therapy also claim it helps improve their psychological and physical well-being.

As an alternative treatment for cancer, cupping has also been a method by some people. The American Cancer Society, more an endorser of chemotherapy and allopathic treatments than a neutral organization, recently stated that “No scientific basis exist that would establish any health benefit from cupping.” Practitioners disagree with this as they claim many cancer patients have benefited from this treatment. However, they warn that cupping does carry the risk of being burned by the fire used to create a suction effect.

The efficacy of cupping may be hard to prove since this method is extremely difficult to carry out in controlled experiments. However, one experiment in which 40 patients suffering from knee arthritis participated showed that after four months of treatment, the patients treated with cupping experienced less pain compared to those who hadn’t received the treatment.

For most people, the most important question about cupping is how effective is it? It cannot be denied that the placebo effect may also play a role in its efficacy. This effect is beneficial and is brought about by a placebo treatment or drug that cannot be accredited to their properties, and therefore must be the result of the belief of the patient in that treatment or drug.

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The common question asked by many when talking about Chinese cuisine is whether or not it is possible to create a healthy diet based on Chinese food. Yes, is the obvious answer to that question. In truth, the Chinese people are extremely health-conscious and the kinds of food they eat are usually quite nourishing. Chinese cuisine definitely can be a part of your health diet if you emphasize on them made with steamed meat or steamed vegetables.

Opting for a Chinese food diet? Here are the 7 reasons why you should do so:

1. In a traditional Chinese food diet, a healthy balance of yang and yin foods is always maintained. The yang foods are represented by the different types of meat served in a Chinese cuisine while yin foods are comprised of vegetables and fruits. According to Chinese nutritional therapy, this balance is essential to ward off ailments and illnesses.

2. No oil or as little oil as possible is used in the various Chinese cooking methods (baking, stewing, boiling, roasting, and steaming). Besides that, the Chinese delicacies that are highly sought after are not deep-fried but stir-fried and thus are considered a healthy diet.

3. A typical Chinese diet is one that maintains health and includes a copious amount of tea, meat used as seasoning, the right amount of brown rice, lots of vegetables, and loads of carbohydrates. Red meat is only used every now and then as it tends to raise cholesterol levels in the body.

4. Some Chinese food products and ingredients, such as green tea and mushrooms, are deemed to possess certain chemicals that can fight off cancer. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that are known to help facilitate weight loss.

5. Instead of using milk based products such as cheese, butter, or cream, most Chinese delicacies are cooked using poly-unsaturated oils.

6. More emphasis is made on the use of right combination of condiments, spices, and herbs, in your typical Chinese food diet, which makes it very ideal in the promotion of good health.

7. Finally, Chinese foods are quite inexpensive and will not be a strain on your budget especially during times of economic recession.

So, if you are interested in having an inexpensive but extremely nutritious diet, eat at your nearest Chinese restaurant and be sure to select the delectable but appropriate healthy dishes on the menu.

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After days of sitting in front of the TV watching mind numbing shows for hours on end and eating and drinking lots of pizza and beer, you might be worried about gaining a bit of flab around your waist and stomach. You may consider embarking on those delectable food-diet prepackaged programs or ordering the latest diet book online. You may also want to try another option: Chinese medicine.

If you are interested in restoring balance in your body and enable the various systems in your body to work in harmony, the ancient system of Chinese medicine can help you achieve this. For weight loss, this Chinese medicine strives to understand and then address the imbalance that underlies an individual’s specific weight issue instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. This type of medicinal system can provide a lot more than merely help people fit back in their skinny jeans; it can help one become a more balanced, healthier, and a less overweight individual. Being overweight is actually a sign of a health imbalance and not a disease per se. This is especially true in people who have to deal with weight problems on a regular basis. Certain highly touted diet programs deal with cutting down on one or more food categories (oftentimes fats or carbohydrates) to promote rapid loss of weight. Some of these programs heavily depend on prepackaged foods that, despite being low calorie, are portion-controlled that possess very low nutritional value. Both these latest weight loss options very seldom generate long lasting outcomes. Almost all people (95 percent) who use these programs to lose weight gain it back within a year or so. The reason for this is that these programs rarely address the underlying physiological, psychological, and lifestyle factors that contribute to weight gain. Weight always returns if the root problem of excess weight is not addressed. If you are really serious in losing weight permanently or at least in the long-term, you need to look a little deeper.

How Chinese Medicine Can Help One Lose Weight

In Chinese medicine, the first important reason for eating is to provide the body with qi or energy. Certain foods, especially ones that are not overly processed and are fresh, can give you more energy-giving potential. One reason why conventional diet programs often fail is that they give primacy to quantity over quality. While allocating the proper portion size is an essential part of any healthy weight loss program, counting calories without considering nutrient quality of a certain food is a bit like saying that a water toy gun has the same deadly characteristic as a real hand pistol. One needs to understand that consuming 250 calories of cookies would not give you the same nutritional value as eating 250 calories of spinach, but unfortunately, this is almost all weight loss programs believe. Simply reducing the amount of calories will not give you the means by which to maintain a healthy weight.

Food has inherent energetic qualities that can either inhibit or promote a person’s health is one other Chinese concept associated with food. In China, medicine and food are often the same. A lot of the herbs included in a customized and prescribed herbal remedy may be also found in both Chinese banquet and home-cooked dishes. By simply excluding or adding certain foods from a diet, the Chinese have been able to resolve dozens of commonly-occurring health problems. When it comes to losing weight, digestion-promoting pungent spices such as black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon can be used. To weaken appetite one can eat fennel; radish seeds and barley sprouts can both address food stagnation caused by overeating, to speed up the digestion of meats and fats, one can try eating hawthorn fruit; cardamom and Chinese pearl barley can treat diarrhea and decrease water weight. Foods like refined sugar, fried foods, alcohol, and dairy that raise body dampness (the pattern of imbalance that typically results in excess fat or adipose tissue) need to be avoided by people who want to lose weight.

Eat locally Produced, Fresh, and Simple foods

In the field of macrobiotics, (a dietary philosophy based on eating foods attuned to geography, seasonality, climate, and a person’s health status, age and gender) eating simple and fresh foods grown locally is the best way to maintain health and keep one’s weight at a normal level. America over the past four decades, has seen the over industrialization of food and consequently has made its people the most overfed but severely undernourished in the whole world. Some of what they call food such as hydrogenated fats, for example, can actually be categorized more as chemicals and plastics by our digestive system than as real foods. Instead of natural sugars, we use artificial sweeteners that are magnitudes sweeter and thus produce more intense cravings for other sweet products. Proof can be produced that show sodas (diet and regular) as the biggest single contributor to children’s diabetes. We now have little idea of how to truly nourish ourselves as the skills of preparing and growing our food are slowly being lost or forgotten. The environment is being wrecked by the transport of exotic food products all over the planet. In most cities it is now the norm to eat various international cuisines each night of the week. Few are aware that this can actually wreak havoc on the GI systems of people. Our ancestors stuck to a regular pattern of cuisine and only on special occasions did they deviate from this. For the sake of our overall well-being, we might need to do the same.

A Calm Mind and a Well-Performing Digestion

A calm mindset and healthy digestion are also important in attaining a health weight besides the eating of high quality foods. When a stressed or upset individual eats, he or she actually also devours these emotions deep into the body. Thus, it is always advised to pause for a few moments and perform a bit of deep breathing, do some reflection to appreciate the food being served for his/her health, or do whatever it takes to help him/her feel more positive and calmer before eating and then to eat slowly, once the tense feeling has decreased. On needs to also fully appreciate and taste the food and digest it without being distracted by other things. In India, during mealtime, the Ayurvedic method scowls on casual conversation as it is thought to disrupt digestion. In Western societies, people’s digestion is usually severely affected because they often have so much going on while they eat. In the US, a fifth of meals are eaten in a car and a larger percentage of meals are eaten in front of the TV at home. From the viewpoint of Chinese medicine, these unhealthy habits spell real disaster for the abdomen and spleen. Eating a meal requires the full attention of both the mind and body in order to properly break down and absorb drink and food. When you’re watching TV, a video show, or doing something else while eating, the mind becomes too distracted to notice the person’s stomach is full and thus may fail to remind the person to stop eating. These are the reasons why eating while distracted can play a huge role in the rise of digestive problems such as gas, bloating, irritable bowel, and reflux. Therefore, our eating habits are as equally important as the kinds of food we eat.

Acupuncture to the Rescue

If you find yourself eating because of your emotions or tend to reach for junk food more often than you like you may find acupuncture useful for these specific problems. There are acupuncture points located on the outer ear that when used together during treatment, can help lessen all sorts of compulsive behavior, including the desire to overeat. People usually experience a significant reduction in the urge to overeat even with just three or four acupuncture sessions, although more often than not, a person’s weight problem can be fully resolved after two to three months of treatments. Moreover, instead of cookies or chips, these people may now go hungry for whole grains or vegetables. And though they may try eating a cookie or two they may find themselves surprised being completely full and would not even dare attempt eating an entire batch. This is how acupuncture can help you overcome excess weight – it removes stress from both your mind and body so that what is allowed to surface is your physiological urge to eat qi-filled, healthy, foods. Acupuncture overrides your body’s desire to eat unhealthy foods by delivering much-needed calmness to your nervous system so that your body becomes unaffected by stress. In addition, the Chinese have devised another form of acupuncture that has been widely used for losing weight for the past decade. This type of acupuncture utilizes electric stimulation of important abdomen and spleen meridian channels and over time, has been proven to help soften and break up fat deposits in lots of people. With the additional use of Chinese herbs, deeper imbalances in the person’s constitution that lead to craving for salt and sugar can be addressed. It also can be an efficient way of treating digestive stagnation symptoms such as bloating, gas, and constipation. Lastly, your acupuncturist can also recommend qi gong exercises that can mobilize qi in much the same way as acupuncture to reinforce the energy needed by the body to reduce weight. According to Chinese medicine, if the an individual’s body is functioning on an energy deficiency (such as when he or she suffers from a chronic health problem or eats too little), it is impossible to achieve sustained loss of weight due to the fact that instead of using up energy today as it normally does in a healthy body, the body will need to house energy in fat or adipose cells to save for later. When practiced on a daily basis, qi gong can provide the body with the natural energy it needs to maintain health so that it can commence with the process of shedding unwanted weight.

Enduring Outcomes

To sum it up, it is believed in Chinese medicine that an individual with weight problems needs to be individually treated based on his/her unique root constitutional imbalances. By getting acupuncture treatment to control compulsive eating and by learning to harness the energy of the body through restorative exercise such as qi gong or yoga, utilizing stress management techniques, and promoting health digestion though the use of herbs, a person will become a lot slimmer, energetic, and healthier than ever before. What’s more these results tend to last because the underlying problems to weight gain are addressed.
Practically all acupuncturists in Miami are trained in treating weight loss issues. And besides qigong, herbs, and acupuncture, these practitioners help their patients explore underlying dietary and lifestyle habits and stresses that can bring about imbalances. In this way, patients can be fully involved in their own path to healing.

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A revolutionary way of healing, the traditional Chinese healing practice known as Gua Sha or scraping therapy works very well and has been used for thousands of years in China and East Asia.

How does scraping therapy work?

Scraping therapy is mainly utilized to resolve blood stagnation within the body. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), blood stagnation is deemed to be the cause of many forms of illnesses. You can visualize blood stagnation as still water in a stagnant pond. The stagnant pond is full of algae, green moss, gunk and other overgrowths compared to a running stream that has clear and relatively clean water. Our entire circulatory system is quite similar to this. When blood begins to stagnate and/or does not flow properly, it generates an environment conducive to disease.

Why is scraping therapy very useful for blood stagnation?

Scraping therapy can immediately free up any blockages that may have developed in your body due to stagnant blood. It works because it facilitates the flow of body fluid and mimics perspiration that helps wash away toxins and waste from your deep tissues and stabilizes cellular metabolic processes. It also aids in the nourishment and oxidation of the cells by boosting chi (vital energy) and blood flow in the body.

The Benefits

Scraping therapy detoxifies and nourishes the body through its two main functions:

The first function is the stroking action that helps pumps in more oxygen and blood to the site of treatment that increases nourishment to the cells and releases petechiae to the skin surface.

The second function is the red marks on the skin that are signs telling the body to do a cleansing of the treatment area in order to eliminate both toxins and dead cells that have been forced up the surface of the skin during the scraping procedure.

The patient usually experiences positive results such as relief of stiffness, nausea, chest pains, cough, chills, fever, pain, etc., after treatment. After some more sessions of treatment, enough toxins are eliminated that will enable the body to achieve inner balance.

Aside from curing diseases, scraping therapy can also help you lose weight, prevent diseases, and build your body’s immunity and overall health. More blood serum can be produced to boost the immune function though the stimulation of scraping therapy.


Before administering the treatment, the practitioner first daubs the skin with oil. He then begins scraping the skin with a special scraping instrument. The skin is always scraped in the same direction. The procedure continues until the skin has purple and red marks (their location indicates where the sick muscles are located).

There should be no tissue or skin damage from the procedure but you may feel little bit of pain on the tissues where the blockage is located. There should no pain felt on the site of the healthy tissues. Though the red spots on the skin are an unavoidable consequence of the treatment, they are signs that wastes and toxins have come out from the sick tissues. Those marks are different from hemorrhage or bruising and they tend to completely vanish within a week or less due to a better metabolism.

What do the colors of the gua sha marks indicate?

1. Dark Red Sha- Suggests heat in the blood
2. Brown Sha- Blood is probably dry
3. Black or Purple Sha – Indicates chronic blood stasis
4. Bright Red Sha – Fresh penetration
5. Very Light Colored Sha – Deficient blood

You need to keep warm after undergoing gua sha treatment. Do not drink cold fluids and avoid a cold shower, a sudden change in temperature, and the wind. This is necessary in order to make sure the enhanced metabolism of your body and its self-healing process works well. On the day of treatment, avoid a heavy workout but doing some stretching is recommended.

In certain instances, some people may experience tiredness, sickness, or soreness for a few days. As the red marks dissipate later on, they may start to feel the improvement all over their bodies and especially the treatment of their problem.

How long does it take for the petechiae to vanish?

Usually the marks disappear within 3 to 10 days. If the marks still remain after 10 days, this usually means that you suffer from weak blood circulation and your therapist should give you further advice on how to increase the blood flow in your body. Getting scraping therapy usually helps the red marks disappear faster which means the flow of blood in your body is getting better.

Who needs scraping therapy?

Scraping therapy can be useful for people suffering from muscle tension, tenderness, aches, and pain. It can prevent asthma, bronchitis, flu, colds and chronic disorders that involve qi and blood blockage.

Scraping therapy is unparalleled when it comes to the relief of pain. Hence, this treatment is offered to all who are burdened with physical pain (joint, leg, back, shoulder, neck, and head pain) and disorders and dysfunctions such as rheumatism, migraine, nerve pain, sciatica and repetitive stress injury (RSI).

How often should a person get scraping therapy?

To get good results, scraping therapy can be taken one or two times a week for three to four weeks. For maintenance of health, once a month treatment would suffice.

It is important to note that after a session, you need to rest your body in order for it to fully detox. This means for the rest of the day, there should be no strenuous exercises, hard labor, fasting, sex, alcohol, drugs, etc.

After treatment, be sure to also drink lots of warm water and keep your body well-hydrated for the next two days in order for it to expel all the wastes and toxins inside.

Scraping Therapy can be effective against the following conditions:

• Chest pains
• Jaundice
• Excess phlegm
• Profuse perspiration
• Urinary problems
• Sun strokes
• Immobility, pain, stiffness
• Weak flow of blood
• Tendon and muscle injuries
• Headaches
• Gynecological conditions
• Fatigue related to heat stroke
• Fevers
• Food poisoning
• Digestive disorders
• Dyspnea and cough: Emphysema, asthma, bronchitis

Be prepared for a bit of pain from the treatment because it will directly address the triggers or the underlying cause(s) of your problem.

Dr. Hailing Fu is a doctor or Oriental medicine and the founder of Ling’s Acupuncture in Orlando, FL. She has also served as professor and clinic director at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Central Florida. College of Integrative Medicine in Central Florida.

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A qualified physician is the best person to treat most psychological and physical conditions; however, alternative treatments and medicines can also significantly boost the effectiveness of a doctor’s treatment. Nowadays, alternative therapies such as the shiatsu massage are now relied on and well-trusted by a lot of people. Even Hollywood celebrities seek treatment from alternative practitioners, therapists, and doctors to enhance their overall well being.

Many people who go for shiatsu massage are doing so to uplift their spiritual condition and improve their health among other things. So, if you have any psychological or physical complaints, you should consider getting shiatsu massage treatment to help better your condition.

Shiatsu massage may not completely treat problems like headaches, cramps, pulled muscles, nausea, muscle stiffness, stress, or anxiety but it can greatly alleviate these conditions and its effects often last for a long time. It works by applying pressure into certain points to the problematic areas of the body.

Although the name Shiatsu is derived from the Japanese word shiatsuryōhō which literally means finger (shi), pressure (atsu) and treatment (ryōhō), it is a type of Chinese acupressure practice. Some people also call it Zen shiatsu. The balancing energy philosophy behind Eastern medicine is aimed at fusing the spiritual, medical, and philosophical levels of the body.

Zen Shiatsu

People in the West have grown to love Zen shiatsu massage so much so that massage techniques have evolved that combine the philosophy of chi or qi energy that flows along energy vessels in the body called meridians. If qi flow is free and smooth along the meridians, it leads to strong positive energy that fetches wasted energy away along with the body toxins.

But from time to time, this flow becomes blocked or diverted that it throws off the natural balance of qi, which is also referred to as Yin and Yang imbalance. This causes your body to become psychologically and/or physically ill. In order to liberate your body from this negative condition, shiatsu massage can be done to eliminate the factors that block or divert the meridians and restore qi flow to its free and smooth movement.

From the viewpoint of Eastern medicine, indigestion, swollen joints, sleeplessness, depression, headaches, etc, are not seen as a source of discomfort, they are considered signs or symptoms that are the result of either hyperactive or underproductive qi, both of which is a negative condition. Shiatsu massage is seen from an Eastern medicine point of view as an ideal treatment for these conditions.

How Is Shiatsu Administered?

Before the practitioner begins with the massage itself, he needs to first make a diagnosis on you to find or assess where the qi may be blocked and siphoned or where it moves healthily. The practitioner may ask if you’re suffering from certain ailments. After that, he will perform a bit of light massage to determine the location of your stiff or tender pressure points. After your practitioner has come up with a diagnosis, he starts to apply firm pressure through the use of his fingers, feet, thumbs, elbows, palms, knees, or knuckles on the pressure points that run along the 14 meridians of your body.

When you come in for a shiatsu massage it is advisable that you wear loose garments that are thin and comfortable. This will make it easy for the practitioner to perform the massage since it is done with your clothes fully on. During an acupressure session, expect to perform some deep breathing as well as some manipulating, rotating, and stretching of your pressure points. You may also experience a slightly uncomfortable sensation after the therapy but this is normal.

Expect an overall improvement of your wellbeing when you combine shiatsu massage therapy with a healthy lifestyle and diet, and, a good physical workout. Getting regularly massages can make your body strong and resilient to psychological and physical conditions.

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“Is Infertility, PCOS or Recurring Miscarriages Crushing Your Hopes & Dream of Having a Family?”

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In the Chinese healing technique of moxibustion, an herb known as mugwort or moxa is burned over the skin to produce a soothing, pleasant warm sensation throughout the body. It is an ideal therapy for autoimmune diseases, infertility, menstrual disorders, the common cold, pain, and fatigue. According Chinese Medicine, if given regularly, moxibustion therapy targeting certain points on the body is believed to lengthen lifespan and boost vitality.

The different types of moxibustion

There are various forms of moxibustion just as there are several different types of acupuncture. Moxibustion not only can be used in several various methods, many herbs and tools can also be used. You can put all the different types of moxibustion into one of two different classifications:

1) Direct moxibustion – This type of moxibustion was first utilized as far back as 600 BCE. It involves the direct burning of moxa herb directly on the skin. To prevent burning or blistering of the skin, Hsi Yun Gao (a cream that contains beeswax) and sesame oil is applied to the skin. For direct moxibustion, “gold” and extremely pure moxa that smells extremely pleasant and molded by hand into grain-sized “threads” or “cones” is used. In middle of the 20th century Japan, Fukaya Isaburo developed a method that extinguished the burning moxa cones with a bamboo tube. Pinching the burning moxa cone using the fingers is how practitioners traditionally extinguish the burning cone.

2) Indirect moxibustion – This is a safer kind of moxibustion therapy that uses different methods and materials and methods. In this type of moxibustion, an isolating substance is placed between the skin and burning moxa to prevent the blistering or burning of the skin. Indirect moxibustion has many different forms:

a) Moxa cones – Moxa cones larger in size are burned on top of another herb are placed between the skin and the moxa. Medicinal herbal “cakes,” salt, boiled egg white, root of lotus, citrus peel, sliced garlic, gauze or cloth infused with herb, raw sliced aconite, or fresh sliced ginger or some of the common herbs used underneath the moxa cones. The practitioner chooses the substance to be used based on the state of health of the patient.

b) Stick-on moxa – This method is also known as Ibuki moxa.

c) Moxa balls – The balls are placed at the top end of acupuncture needled and an incense stick is used to light it up.

d) Pole moxa – In this type of moxibustion, a moxa pole is used made up of lower quality moxa that’s rolled into a shape of a cigar and enfolded in rice paper. Other practitioners utilize their own kind of moxa poles and add the moxa with a unique combination of herbs. Pole moxa is an ideal treatment for fatigue, digestive issues, and pain. It originally uses a moxa pole and a medicated cloth is placed over the skin. Then the practitioner lightly presses the burning moxa pole to the cloth for a second then lifts back up. The procedure is done repeatedly until the patient senses the heat. Presently, the common procedure is for practitioners to hold over the skin the burning moxa pole for a specified amount of time without the pole ever touching the skin. This method has certain disadvantages one of which is that patients sensitive to the smoke of the moxa need an effective method of ventilation to breathe easily.

e) Moxa box – In this method, moxa is burned inside a heat-conducting bamboo bowl with a mesh screen at the bottom then applied on the patient’s body. On the top and sides of the bowl are ventilation windows to help the patient breathe more easily.

f) Korean moxa bowl – A heat-conducting bowl is used in which moxa is burned inside. The bowl is then applied on the body.

Mistakes Commonly Made By Some Practitioners

When properly conducted by licensed qualified acupuncturists, moxibustion should be a very safe healing technique. Amateur practitioners, however, can be susceptible to common mistakes which can lead to infections, blisters, and burns. Some of the common mistakes when conducting moxibustion therapy include:

1) Using direct moxibustion on an acupuncture point with a needle already in it. If treatment requires the use of both moxibustion and acupuncture on an acupuncture point, a moxa ball should be applied on the needle’s top end, and the skin surrounding the needles should first be protected with skin shields before lighting up the moxa ball with an incense stick. Another method is to remove the needle, and then apply direct moxibustion. Applying direct moxa to an acupuncture point that already has a needle in it makes it virtually impossible to properly remove the moxa cone without burning the patient, and because a needle is in the skin it can also result in an infection.

2) Using a lighter to lit the moxa to an acupoint or after applying it with an acupuncture needle. In moxibustion plus acupuncture in Jacksonville, the moxa balls should be placed on top of the needle and then lit up using an incense stick to prevent burning.

3) Abandoning the patient in a room while a burning moxa is on a needle stuck in the patient’s body or a smoking moxa box, or any other type of lit moxa is on his/her body. When any type of lit moxa is on a patient’s body, a responsible acupuncturist should never leave the patient alone. A moxa that’s burning can get hot very fast. It literally takes a split second for the flame of the burning moxa to go from curative to painful.

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In a cupping procedure, the part of the body to be cupped needs to be identified first. For relief of pain, the cups are usually placed around the nearby acupoints or on the problematic area. In treating illnesses, the cups are applied on the back as it is the part of the body where the acupuncture points directly associated with body organs are located.

Next, the cups to be used are then selected. Because of their versatility with the heat from the fire, glass cups are often used for the treatment, although in terms of hygiene, the use of plastic cups would be preferable since they are used only once; bamboo cups can be used along with a medicinal concoction.

Once the practitioner removes the air in the bamboo or glass cup, the cup needs to be immediately placed on the body (plastic cups are first placed on the body prior to removing the air in the cup). As long as there is enough flesh in the site that can be sucked into the cups, almost any area of the body can be used in the therapy. For the posterior, the biggest cups are used while the smallest cups are used for the neck or face. The legs, back, and arms are treated with medium sized cups. Areas where cupping therapy can’t be used include areas where there are large scars or where there is little flesh.

Once the cups have been removed, they usually leave circular purple marks on the body and can be mistaken for bruises. They are not painful and after a few days, normally fade away.

The cups are retained in the body for approximately twenty minutes. Leaving them in the body for longer than 20 minutes can lead to the development of water blisters. But these blisters can also develop earlier if the force of the suction in the cup is too great. If the patient develops blisters, the practitioner can prick the blisters with a needle to drain out the fluid inside and then apply it with aloe vera gel and other soothing natural lotions. In Chinese medicine, the formation of blisters during cupping therapy is actually a good sign since it is associated with a faster healing process. Recently, because of cosmetic reasons, the process of creating blisters through cupping has been stopped.

All in all, we can say that cupping is a pain-free and extremely relaxing process. The patient always ends up feeling extremely satisfied with the procedure. There are individuals who even claim that cupping can be addictive and they go for treatment on a regular basis. It is a highly recommended form of therapy for anyone wanting to feel relaxed and be relieved of stress.

Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

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Some people think that infertility treatment is basically a product of modern day science that’s conducted through the use of modern sophisticated reproductive techniques. However, a lot of couples are now turning to Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale to help them conceive. It is interesting to see several specialists of high tech reproductive methods are now looking to the world of Chinese medicine to help their patients more so when their techniques don’t bring about any positive results.

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture offer a number of benefits to infertile couples. Those benefits can be read in early Chinese medical documents that date as far back as the 1100 A.D. However, the origin of these therapies goes back even further (five thousand years ago) and they are as still as effective as the new medical techniques used in the world today.

Infertility affects one in eight couples. These days, a lot of women who are unable to conceive mainly consider IVF (in vitro fertilization) to help them start a family. New clinical trials have revealed that the likelihood of getting a healthy and successful pregnancy can be maximized by combining Chinese medicine and Western medicine. This has been validated by a recent German study that used acupuncture along with IVF to attain a 42 percent rate of clinical pregnancy compared to the 26 percent achieved by the control group. The study comprised of administering acupuncture right before and after embryo transfer.

A “whole body” or holistic approach taken by acupuncture and Chinese medicine in which the entire systems of the body are addressed instead of treating only the symptoms has been seen to be a more effective way of treating health issues. In this type of approach, improvement in their specific condition is not only experienced by the patients, it also leads to an overall improvement of their well being and health. A few of the great positive side effects of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatments include weight loss, reduction of stress, enhanced levels of energy, and a better sleep pattern.

The truth is TCM has been proven to resolve issues related to reproduction including:

 Poor Sperm counts
 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
 Painful Periods
 Miscarriage
 Endometriosis

It is no wonder then that after being treated with a whole body approach, women discover that their bodies are able to do what they were supposed to do, which is to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term.

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A very simple form of acupuncture procedure that can be self-administered in the comforts of your own home has proven to be effective for pain and certain muscle-related symptoms. Acupuncture points have uses as a beauty treatment for thousands of years in Asia besides their use as a treatment for disease. Versatile acupuncture is really safe for self-treatment. This type of treatment can be used to do away with tinnitus.

Acupuncture treatments usually do not involve pain and the number of treatments needed depend on how long the patient has had the disease and how severe the condition is.

Chiropractic care is another type of alternative treatment that’s considered among the safest medical procedures around. Chiropractic care, just like with any medical therapy, can involve certain risks. In several instances, pharmaceutical treatments are limited due to a patient’s physical conditions like high blood pressure or pregnancy.

It becomes essential to lose weight if you are a person with a family that has a recent history of cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. Pharmaceutical treatments are designed to be short term treatments but some people some use them on a regular basis and for extended periods of time. Long term side effects of drugs can include high blood pressure, poor memory, a weak immune system, and unhealthy skin. Acupuncture can address all these symptoms and can even boost blood flow and regulate the circulation of blood to the heart and brain making you well and strong once more.

When it comes to herbal medicine, garlic can be a therapeutic, inexpensive, and versatile powerhouse that can cure the common cold, viruses, heart issues, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Garlic can enhance the entire circulatory system of the body which leads to a better, thorough, and even distribution of nutrients and oxygen together throughout the body. An herb known as bitter melon can raise the body’s capacity to use blood glucose efficiently. Anything that boosts the circulation of blood greatly helps in alleviating headaches.

Most people tend to resolve their high blood pressure problems with prescription medications. Acupuncture in Tarzana for treatment of high blood pressure can be a safer and effective alternative. You might also be interested to know that it is also the safest way to induce labor and has a success rate that is huge. The fact is documented studies on the potency of acupuncture attests to this treatment’s usefulness for various health conditions.

A person’s blood glucose levels can be regulated with natural remedies. This can help prevent or treat diabetes. Some of these remedies can also help manage chronic eye, liver, kidney, and heart conditions.